Choosing Sheets

How To Choose Girls Sheets

 Choosing sheets for your bed, may sometimes feel like an after thought, maybe you have already chose your comforter, and/or duvet. You have found the size and color. Also, the style that you want to be conveyed in your room, but the sheets…should you just grab a coordinating color and not think twice about it? That seems to be just how it usually happens, and most of us don’t think about the fact that our bodies spend around eight hours a night wrapped in the sheets, not the comforter or the duvet. Maybe you do know better than to just grab a set of sheets and run, Maybe you remember hearing chatter about thread count, something like the higher the better. You know, the higher, the better, and so you found a nice high number, the color matched done. And done.

What if I told you that there is more to it than that? And what if I even mentioned that the whole thread count thing might not be all you’ve heard it to be? It’s sad, It’s true, It has to be said: Thread Count is just a gimmick, a ploy, if you will to sell sheets. Sure Thread Count is a ‘thing’. Thread count, by definition is: a measure of the coarseness or fineness of fabric. It is measured by counting the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric. However, the manufacturers have found a way to manipulate the system by using a low quality thread, or a low quality construction of the sheet. So even though we’ve always heard its all about the thread count, its really about other components like, fiber and weave and chemicals. Some of the more preferred, higher quality fibers seem to be Egyptian cotton, Pima, Cotton-polyester mix, and bamboo. You might also be interested in checking out a flannel, a satin or even a knit jersey material. Egyptian cotton seems to be “the” sheet of the moment, But feel for yourself, its amazing how much difference you can feel right there in the store.

Next, check the weave. The way the threads are woven together is what gives it its look and feel, and a lot of times its price. Percale weave is the most used in. Balanced weave provides a cooler temperature sheet, good for the summer months, and a sateen weave gives you a softer, warmer sheet.

Another thing to consider is the chemicals used. You may be surprised to find out that sheets with terms like “wrinkle resistant” and “shrinkage control” are called this because of the chemicals that have been added to the finished product. So if the thought of surrounding your sleeping self in chemicals every night bothers you, you will want to look for Organic bedding.

Whichever sheets you decide upon, remember that its a great item to splurge on, the quality and the price go hand in hand. Remember your body spends around eight hours a day inside of these sheets, its worth a little time and research.



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