Creating a Designer Look Bed. Part 1

How to get designer look bedding. Part 1

Are those beautiful designer beds featured in your favorite magazines, the object of your desire? Do you wish to have a bed that rivals any you see on any given HGTV show? Well, after studying a few designer blogs and videos, It seems to be a very achievable goal, and quite an easy way to add designer style to your room. We also got some great ideas while on vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains.  We were pleasantly surprised that our weeks lodging at Family Owned Cabins had an AMAZINGLY designed kids room for our daughter.Its also a fun way to change up the look of your room.

Starting with the Basics: Mattress, Toppers and Mattress Covers

The first step to an amazingly made bed is of course the mattress. Choose a high quality mattress and remember that name brand mattresses don’t guarantee the best mattress for you. Look into local owned mattress stores, even look for locally made mattresses. Often times they offer the same brands or competing brands with a significant savings due to low overhead and short transportation distances. Buying a mattress, is pretty big decision considering the amount of money spent on one, just remember that it is an investment into your health and well being, and given the amount of time you will own it take your time and choose wisely.

The next step is one of the most important ones, even though it is often overlooked. You simply must have a mattress protector. Sure its an added expense and no, it won’t be seen. But protecting the mattress you just invested in is key. There is a multitude of styles to choose from, but we suggest to splurge on waterproof. Nothing can ruin your mattress (you know the one you just invested in) quicker than liquids, so go ahead and prevent that with a waterproof mattress pad.

The next Step of the layer is a super optional one. The Mattress topper is a layer that you can use to customize your sleeping experience. And and extra layer of softness, or a layer of foam, this layer is simply dependent upon your preference.

So now we’ve got the beginnings of a designer bed, with a comfy sleeping experience. But in part two of this blog post is where we get down to the fun, and “designer” part of creating the bed of your dreams.

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