Planning to move? Here is what you need to know about moving your mattress.

High quality mattresses are an investment and we know you can’t risk messing up the thing that gives you rest at night, and keeps you going during the day. When it comes time to move you want to make sure its done right.

Here are the tips you need to help you make good moving decisions when it comes to your mattress:

Should you move your mattress to your new home:

If your mattress is new,  or relatively new, or if it’s in very good condition, then it should make they move with you to your new place. If its old, or uncomfortable now is the perfect time to consider purchasing a new one.
How to pack a mattress for moving:
The best way to protect a mattress when moving is to make sure it is packed really well for safe transportation. Follow the steps below to pack your mattress for a move:

Step 1. Remove any sheets or comforters from your bed, take out the mattress and make sure it is 100% dry. Now is a great time to leave it in the sunshine for a few hours. Sunshine is like a natural cleaner for your mattress. It really does a mattress good to be in the fresh air and sunshine.
Step 2. Purchase a mattress storage bag either from your local moving company, like or from a specialized furniture store. Such storage bags come in different types and sizes. Once inside it will be very protected against moisture, dust, dirt and pests.

Step 3.  Load the Mattress into the truck first, secured up against the side is best, so that it will not move or bow in transit. Do not place anything on top of the Mattress.

Step 4. Be sure you have the man power to move such a large object, this will keep you from having to bend and twist the mattress to move it, this can be damaging.

Basicly, take really good care while moving your mattress, you are going to be glad you did when the move is over!

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